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    As an executive advisor, I help clients identify the key changes that lead to dramatic improvement.



    Actual client results:
    ● 300% increase in e-commerce sales.
    ● 40% increase in team productivity.
    ● 33% reduction in product development costs.
    ● More progress in 3 weeks than previous 6 months on multinational project.







  • About Praveen Puri


    Praveen Puri has more than 30 years of experience building teams, processes, and strategies for increasing business and customer value. He started his career in business analysis and product / change management before advancing to strategic leadership roles.


    Praveen was founder and CEO at ListWeasel.com, and employee #7 and head of product management at ELCEDE Inc. He helped develop the Chicago Board of Trade's Project A trading platform, as well as the first online banking systems at Bank of America.

    Praveen was one of only a few people at Motorola to win awards at both the "Cellular Infrastructure Group" and "General Systems Sector" levels. He was awarded for simplifying the change management process for the EMX 2500 cellular switching project.





  • My clients include: Motorola, American Drug Stores, AT&T, CNA Insurance, United Airlines, Bank of America, and The Chicago Board of Trade.


    "Praveen is able to perceive complex situations and come up with effective solutions. He is able to understand what has already been developed and how to best use those parts or concepts to come up with a better system."


    Lou Horner

    Vice President

    Bank of America, Chicago IL




    "Praveen has great diagnostic skills and experience. He identified our issues in one day and offered solutions."


    Deepa Malhotra, MS, CPC


    HERS, Inc. Aurora, IL




    "Praveen provided great consulting expertise during the implementation of CNA's new MAXIMIS investment accounting system. This project replaced CNA's existing OSCARS investment accounting system. I was very pleased with Praveen's skills, efficiency and work quality."


    Jeff Wincentsen, CPA, CMA, FLMI

    Sr. Business Analyst

    CNA Insurance, Chicago IL




    "I really liked your idea to make 'simplicity' your central theme. Nowadays everything becomes so complicated, in most cases for no good reason. People forget things can actually be simple, hope you can educate as many as possible."


    Sergiu Marchidan

    Information Technology and Services

    Zurich, Switzerland




    "Praveen and I would talk about how often the most complicated issues come down to a simple cause. I have learned so much from Praveen, I could write a book on it. I would say that his technical and life knowledge have fueled my career in the last 7 years. His books and blogs are worth reading. He is full of great knowledge."


    Kathleen Kollasch

    Vice President, Team Manager

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Tampa, FL




    "I am constantly amazed how articulate and insightful you are...I hope you are exploiting this strength of yours, and sharing your insights with your clients and target audience."


    Jeffrey Scott

    President, Jeffrey Scott Consulting, Inc.


    Trumbull, CT




    "Praveen is a unique, bright individual that always brings new and innovative ideas to his profession. He relies on honor, dedication, and hard work to make any business or individual a success."


    Marc Karlin

    Staff Accountant at The GFS Group




    "Praveen is very skilled at strategically using technology to solve business issues. He is also enjoyable to work with, and freely shares knowledge and helps others."


    Dinia Mack

    Vice President & Sr. Consultant

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch, Chicago, IL




    "We really appreciate your efforts in developing and presenting several ideas for improving our great resort."


    Matthew Fernrez

    Director of Front Office

    Surf & Sand Resort

  • Case Studies

    Faster Project Development

    A manufacturing company had a cumbersome process for managing projects.


    I advised them on streamlining the process.


    The result was that project development times were reduced by 35%.


    Miscommunication Between Teams

    At a large company, two teams located in separate countries were tasked with rewriting a critical software application.


    After six months of work, it was discovered that, due to miscommunication, the two parts of the application would not interface with each other.


    With only three weeks left, I was called in. I led a small agile team that created a simple third layer of software that could translate back and forth, without compromising system performance.


    As a result of my intervention, the application was able to go live on schedule.

    Coaching For Performance

    A newly promoted senior technology leader felt overwhelmed by her new responsibilities.


    I was brought in to coach her for performance and success.


    I helped her identify her group's customers, and how to focus on creating and providing value to them, while reducing non-essential tasks.


    As a result, she and her team enjoyed a 40% increase in productivity.

    Small Manufacturer on Brink of Bankruptcy

    A small manufacturing company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Their manufacturing system continually broke down and they could not diagnose the cause.


    I helped them analyze work flow and find the points of failure. We identified ways to streamline the process and make it more robust.


    The result was that downtime was reduced 75%.

    Existing Application To New Users

    A bank wanted to increase its foreign currency business among a certain class of advanced financial institutions.


    To meet the clients' needs, I helped the bank re-design an existing foreign currency product by adding additional features.


    The result was a faster time-to-market than rivals developing brand-new products, thus capturing significant market share.


    Correct Market Strategy

    A telecom firm was losing market share in a critical market.


    I helped them develop a high level product design strategy that allowed them to jump ahead of both their existing product, as well as their competitors, in terms of features and values.


    The result was a 33% increase in market share.

    Interfacing With Laser System

    A U.S. manufacturer bought an industrial laser cutting system to increase their efficiency, but had problems integrating it with their existing manufacturing systems.


    I helped them develop a fast, reliable software solution that allowed real-time interoperability between the laser and their manufacturing systems.


    The result was a 45% productivity increase in 18 months.

    Automated Pricing While Allowing Human Intervention To Reduce Market Risk

    A major bank needed to provide automated foreign currency quotes, but they also needed to control risk during volatile markets and among exotic, lightly traded currencies.


    I advised them in developing a solution where, for each particular currency, a tolerance range could be specified. If prices fluctuated outside of this range, the automated quotes would be routed to traders' desktops, where they could be overridden to guard against market risk.


    The result was that over 90% of transactions were handled automatically, while human traders intervened when necessary. The bank reduced its market risk - without sacrificing performance.


    Implementing this pricing solution involved working with groups across the organization, and rolling out new software to trading desktops in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Singapore.

  • Puri Consulting LLC


    Praveen @ PuriConsulting.com

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